EN Koło naukowe Forum E-Biznesu
The e-Business Forum Scientific Club

The e-Business Forum Scientific Club started in 2000 at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The organisation is currently formed by about 20 students, mainly from the Finance and Accounting course, whose area of interest is related to banking in its broadest sense. The supervisor and founder of the circle is dr hab. Michał Polasik, Professor at NCU. The strength of our club is the self-improvement of members and the exchange of experiences between students of different years of study. The most important task that our organisation sets itself is so that everyone who comes to us can find their way in the project they are implementing. We have already organised the 11th edition of the e-Business Days Conference and the 9th edition of the Mobile Technology Day Conference, as well as several other projects, such as Blockchain in Business training or Mendeley training.